Analysis of A Song of Ice and Fire

Hello everyone, Unchained here welcome to the site I set up.  It is a place for in depth analysis of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels and their supporting texts.  We are mostly, but not exclusively, interested in the story of the first Long Night.  The basic logic is that the novels are the lead up to the second Long Night.  The events leading up to the first one are mirrored in the events leading up to the second which we have to read.  It is clear to many readers that George likes to have his history repeat.  When you find a theme that occurs over and over in different ways it is typically a clue about something that happened in the distant past.  Although exactly what George is saying is not always easy to figure out.  My partner in creating this site is Crowfood’s Daughter from whom I have stolen a lot of ideas.  Ravenous Reader is another great analyst who has made some of the best finds I have ever seen.  I will be posting some of her work here from time to time.  I also must give tons of credit to Lucifer means Lightbringer who’s work everyone interested in this type of analysis must read.  I read his comet moon dragon theory very early in my theorizing career and it shows in my work.  Most of it will not make sense to someone who has not read his work.  Although that is not true of my partner so feel free to go ahead and check out Crowfood’s work even if you are not familiar with Lucifer’s.